Supa Dam in Dandeli, Karnataka


Supa dam dandeli

If you are heading to Dandeli and If you are prying about the electricity generation and irrigation with spending time in an aesthetic environment with your family so Supa dam will be an ideal choice for the change factor of your trip in Dandeli.

Supa dam provides you an extremely fascinating and aesthetic background along with all that you are also offered with a golden opportunity to get to know about how a dam works and produces electricity. Supa dam is located in Joida Taluk of Dandeli. It is one of the most prominent hydroelectric power generation plants in the town. It is mainly being used in electricity generation as well as it also fulfills the needs of the farmers engaging in the agriculture activities nearby the dam. That’s how the Supa dam system works and fulfills the needy people along with generating electricity.

The commercial use of the dam is separate and relaxing, as well as the aesthetic atmosphere the dam provides, cant, be neglected. You can spend some quality time on the Supa dam by relaxing on its pleasant prospect along with gaining some important knowledge about one of the most useful resources for our nation and the citizens. Due to its pleasing environment, it becomes overwhelming sightseeing in Dandeli.

There is also a mythological story for the name of the dam that the name of the dam came after the name of Suparulu who was known as he was blessed by the god of the forest. So this name was given by the regional people who believed that mythological story.

You can enjoy the dam sightseeing anytime but not in monsoons as the water level rises at that time which can be a life-threatening risk.

The dam is around 331 ft. tall and 1089 ft lengthy as well. The dam was opened in 1989 and situated on the Kali river which is a well-known river in Dandeli. The net storage quantity of this hydroelectric dam is 145 (Thousand Million Cubic Feet). The dam has three gates. Its filling period is From June to November and the depletion period is From November to May. It has two generators that allow Its power plant to generate about 100 MW of energy to supply electricity to the state.

If this is a man build dam that doesn’t mean that nature has no role in enhancing its beauty. the dam is covered by a vast valley full of verdure. And we can’t overlook the beauty of the Kali river on which the dam is built.

Here’s a list of some of the best Sights nearby to me Supa dam so if you planned to take a tour of the dam you can also check these locations out-


Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary

Kavala Caves
Shiroli Peak
Kulgi Nature Camp
So if you are heading to Dandeli make sure you check out this grand hydroelectric dam and take some memories and information about one of the most useful resources of our country and citizens.


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