Places to Visit in Dandeli, Karnataka

Places to visit in Dandeli

Dandeli is well known for its tourism and the natural environment it is blessed with. If you are planning to head to Dandeli so you should try some awsome locations where you can perform some great adventurous sports-

Kali River

Everyone has a will to do adventurous on water. Kali river is the most favorable spot for water sports like kayaking, canoeing, and river rafting and nature walks. If you also want to do some courageous and bold sports on the water you should definitely give a shot to kayaking, rafting, or canoeing.

Dandeli Lake

Dandeli lake can be the most ideal location for your trip if you want to enjoy the lake view and feel the peace in the gush of water with your family and loved ones. Also near Dandeli lake, you can find many zorbing spots. Zorbing is also in the list of most performed activities in Dandeli. It’s not that courageous but I must say it is the most enthusiastic and amusing activity of Dandeli

Kulgi-Nagzari Valley

Kulgi-Nagzari Valley is going to be the best place in Dandeli where you can feel the accent of nature and woods. You can also prepare here for going on an adventurous jungle trekking. Jungle trekking in Dandeli involves hiking in the peaceful woods of course and also you can hire a guide who will aware you about the flora and fauna you are going to see there.

But if you are looking for a decent trip with family and a mythic savor so there are also many temples present in Dandeli like-

Ulavi Temple

Ulavi temple is very widespread among the tourist in Dandeli. Every year lakhs of travelers and devotees come to seek blessings of Shri Ulavi Channabasaveshwara in the Ulavi temple. It is situated in the tiger reserve and very popular among the devotees. You will also find some caves in Ulavi like Mahamane Gavi, Panchalingeshwara Cave, Vibhoothi Mantapa and Aakalu Gavi, etc.

Sri Mallikarjuna Temple

This is another very popular temple among the temples in Dandeli as it is claimed to be older than Shivaji Fort of Dandeli which is around more than 200 years old. this is one of the most visited temples in the whole Karnataka. And tourists should not miss visiting this temple. You will see many grand architectures in the temples and many beautiful arches as well.

Dandelappa Temple

This majestic temple attracts pilgrims and devotees all over the cycle.

It is believed by the tourists of the temple and the locals as well that every wantings people show in this temple goes alive.

It is said that Dandeli is a paradise for tourists who are fond of wildlife as you can explore many wildlife locations in Dandeli like Moulangi Eco Park, Anshi National Park, and of course the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary.

Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary

If you are a wildlife lover you better explore the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary the moment you visit Dandeli. This is the most recommended location for those who want to do jungle safari or people who want to explore the huge variety of flora and fauna in the peaceful environment of woods. so don’t forget to check out this amazing wildlife sanctuary where you can see the creatures like sloth bears, black panther, barking deer, the Indian pangolin (an ant-eating mammal), the Malabar giant squirrel, rare black panther amongst others.

Shiroli Peak 

Shiroli peak is known as the highest peak in North Kannada. It offers you some magnificent trek routes to add the extract of trekking in your journey.

Kavala Caves

These noble caves are also called the limestone caves. There are also some mythological beliefs related to these caves and locals have also linked these caves to Mahabharat.

Syntheri Rock

Syntheri rocks are not less than an art piece due to its natural atmosphere which can soak every tourist’s mind with its natural rhythm. The rocks are about 300 meters high and can be an ideal choice if you want some remarkable pictures along with appreciating its extraordinary environment.

Anshi National Park

Next up in the places to visit in Dandeli is Anshi national park. Where you can spot a wide variety of fauna like Indian elephants, black panthers, and Bengal Tigers. Also the fauna like Malabar tamarind, bintangur, and Calophyllum wightianum. 

Supa Dam

The gushing sound of falling water in Supa dam will fill up your soul in its grace. You will also be offered to get a chance to explore its commercial and economic use for our nation and citizens.

Kulgi Nature Camp

In Kulgi Nature Camp you are going to experience the most remarkable moments of your journey in the camps covered around the woods. No chaos, no hustle, just you with your family and an aesthetic habitat.

Sykes Point

In Sykes Point, you can feel yourself floating around the clouds in the real sky itself. It is one of the highest points to visit in Dandeli and enjoy the cloudy view with your family.

Sathodi Falls

It is one of the best attractions for tourists who visited Dandeli or are going to visit. This glittering waterfall is located in the Uttar Kannada region in the Yellapur district.

Shivaji Fort

Shivaji fort is praised as the most reliable historical location to visit in Dandeli. The grand fort will make you feel present in the historical era.

Mini Tibet

 This is associated with the town of Mundgod where people live their existence according to Tibetian tradition. You will also be able to see monks, monasteries, and stupas in this amazing town.

Moulangi Eco Park

This radiant eco-park is Enclosed by the pleasing atmosphere of evergreen forests. The natural surrounding around the eco-park makes it remarkable for its tourists and locals as well.

Disney Park

Also known as Kids’ paradise this park is a prominent attraction for the kids. Tourists came along with family and kids can hang out in this park and let their children enjoy around their loved fascinating cartoon characters statues.

Kodasalli Backwaters

Last but not least Kodasalli Backwaters can be a beautiful attraction for you and your family if you want to enjoy a grand view of forests coated lake in a stunning surrounding.

So these are some places you can go through whenever you are going to visit Dandeli. The locations mentioned are only a part of Dandeli as there is a never-ending list of great locations in Dandeli. If still, Dandeli is not on your list of upcoming vacation spots so you must mark it on the top.

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