River Rafting in Kali River- Adventure Activities in Dandeli

River rafting in kali river

River rafting is one of the most preferable courageous sports to perform in Dandeli. most of the tourists never leave Dandeli before trying river rafting. Kali river is an ideal place to perform river rafting during the Dandeli trip. River Kali flows in western ghats and is cast by magnificent evergreen and deciduous forests where you can also spot some rare flora and fauna too. River rafting is an unpredictable bold water sport as there is no way to determine the tides are coming your way. But as much adventurous that much fun and cheery. 

The raft used for river rafting is very lightweight so it can accommodate around 1 to 4 people at a time. Due to its lightweight, you will get a thrilling experience on the water which you can’t be forgotten throughout the season. There is also river rafting in white water called white water rafting in which the reserve you are going to raft on is of white water in appearance.

Professional instructors will be assigned for you so that they can assure safety and you can also enjoy the rafting without any fear. There is also an age limitation for this sport as this is a striking sport so the minimum age of the activist should be 12 years otherwise he or she would not be allowed for the sport.

This sport is going to chill your spine and will give you a memorable experience. You can perform this sport with your family or friends if you are finding an adventurous sport for the trip which can help you to get some extraordinary event. In Dandeli people from foreign countries and also the Indians come to get this extraordinary memorable moment of river rafting in their presence. So be ready to feel the adrenaline rush on crystal clear water cast by the evergreen forests and several bold rocks in the water. If you will perform this gallant activity so you will get charged by your soul to repeat it again and again. If you are not in love with an adventurous sport so river rafting in Dandeli will make you do so. In short words, river rafting is a pure package of bold and amusing sport to perform and make some memorable moments of your journey throughout your life.

So if you are an adventure freak so you should give a shot at river rafting for sure. You cant feel this thrilling experience on the water and will get fond of it. So what are you waiting for? Let’s add river water rafting to your Dandeli trip.

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