Place to See in Dandeli – Syntheri Rocks

Syntheri rocks Dandeli

Dandeli is known for its adventurous sports and extraordinary natural landscapes. There are various natural landscaped at present in Dandeli. Which makes Dandeli a perfect choice for vacationers and travelers. Many such landscapes of Dandeli are related to western ghats. One of them is the Syntheri rocks which are also cast by the western ghats. Syntheri rocks are the most recommended tourist spot by travelers and locals as well.

One has to go 200+ steps deep to take the best sight of these rocks till you reached the core of the rocks which is the Kaneri river.

Syntheri rocks are gigantic volcano rocks that were formed ages ago by volcanic activities. These are surrounded by the western ghats and with the River Kaneri passing by its side. These rocks are named after an English lady whose name was Ms. Cinthera. It is still believed by the people that Ms. Cinthera is the one who discovered these spectacular rocks.

There are many types of rocks present in Syntheri rocks such as-

Giant Monolithic Syntheri Rock-

These are the gigantic rocks present at the bottom of the Syntheri rocks. You can see various colors and textures in these rocks.

Beehives galore

As per its name these rocks, many beehives are hanging from these rocks. you can see many birds like pigeons around these beehives as these rocks are called the home of pigeons.

You can also spot a waterfall formed by the rocks and the Kaneri river. These waterfalls look very calm but you cannot determine their offensiveness.

Syntheri rocks are a spectacular point for tourists to capture pictures of this landscape. A great variety of flora and fauna can also be seen if you are heading to the Syntheri rocks. You can feel the gushing sound of water piercing in your soul and your mind will soak in the peaceful atmosphere ok the Syntheri rocks. You can spend time here with your family, friends, and loved ones.

 You haven’t seen these types of rock formations ever in your life. The weather of the environment around these rocks is totally dependent on the weather. During winters will be chilling cold out there as well as during summer it will be a warm climate of the environment. For sure you are going to be fascinated by seeing this grand landscape in the lap of nature and regional flora and fauna.

There are 10 rupees per head entry fee to enter Syntheri rocks and 20 rupees parking fee per vehicle. You should stay at these majestic rocks for around 2 hours to fill up your soul with its peaceful environment and the natural essence as well. There is no age limit for Syntheri rocks so that you can also enjoy this landscape with your family and children as well.

So what are you waiting for? Add this natural landscape to your bucket list of the Dandeli tour so that you can spend time and feel the peace and spend time with your family or loved ones.

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