Dandeli Tourism: The Adventure Capital of South India

Dandeli Tourism

Dandeli is the so-called adventure capital of South India, Dandeli is compatible for giving us the zest of adventure as well as peace. This place has dwelled at an altitude of 1551 ft above sea-level. Settled in the rocky trails of the Western Ghats, Dandeli is a marvelous city of Karnataka. Dandeli is made up of trails and a green growing environment. The beauty of this place remains significant in the adventurous excursions and attractions of Western Ghats. The clear green landscapes house a wide range of vegetation and wildlife. Apart from the courageous activities, there are several historical places including Ulavi temple, ancient caves of Kavala, Dandakaranya Eco-park also known as Disney park, and much more.

The necessity of the Western Ghats, Dandeli is a haven embracing the gigantic mountains, nature reserves, and stunning wildlife. This place is an unbelievable stop for every kind of tourist. You can turn yourself up to the Kali river for the countless watersports, then, stop by Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary, or hike on to the rocky way and overwhelm the extensive peace and charm of the Western Ghats; Dandeli is a complete package of fun, peace, and adventures. 

There are lots of activities to do in Dandeli. If your interests are inclined towards adventurous hiking trips, then you have got a huge variety of adventurous sports including mountain biking, jungle trekking, jungle safari, and the list never ends. you can feel the adrenaline rush at Kali River while engaging in the Whitewater rafting, Boat rides, and Kayaking. Close your day by refreshment caused by Natural Jacuzzi and soaking in nature’s beauty while staying in camp. Further, you can also begin on a wildlife safari to spot exotic wildlife at Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary. 

In Dandeli, your time will vanish as you’ve got a never-ending list of places you can visit like the great temples like the Ulavi temple,  Sri Mallikarjuna Temple, the marvelous forts like Shivaji Fort, the fascinating waterfalls like Sathodi falls and also the camping sites like the Kulgi Nature Camp and many more exciting spots

Tourism has not ceased without the presence of nature and its immense throughout the journey. Nature’s immense is that much efficient that it stays in your remembrance throughout the session. Explore Dandeli along with the great opportunity to soak in nature’s presence, immersive adventurous sports, and the mythic feel by spending time in marvelous temples.

Dandeli’s weather is subtropical, with a major impact of the Western Ghats on it. Temperatures fluctuate between 16° to 42°, As 16° Lowest in Winters and 42° at Peak in Summers. The temperature is affected by the presence of the Arabian sea. In the post-monsoon season, October to January is the best time to visit Dandeli. Temperature from September to November is also light as it starts to cool down. So what are you waiting for? feel the breeze along with your family and loved ones under the aurora of nature.

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