Disney Park in Dandeli, karnataka


The Dandeli town is well known for its adventure sports, wildlife locations and all that bold things but in between all these things there are also many courses of action by which you can enjoy with your family and children as well as one of them is the Disney park. The Disney park of Dandeli is that much enchanting that it will make you remind your childhood and will refresh you and your children with the presence of enthusiasm and joy. Make your children’s dream come true the dream in which they can go to the most fascinating world with their loved cartoon characters. Sometimes it is better to go on a trip and leave that burden and headache behind and enjoy the moment with your family and your loved ones.

You will see the all-time favorite marvel cartoon characters statues there, Carlie Chaplin statues along with the play area where your children can play and can also spend time there several benches are also present in the park for the visitors to sit and can have rest there under the shade of the trees which are present all over the park. Sometimes it’s great to spend time far from the historical places and have a sober experience with their family. it’s one of the best examples of modern sustainable tourism in Dandeli.

The park is located by the Dandakaranya road and near the landmark of the Dandeli jungle resort that’s why it is also known as Dandakaranya Eco-park. Opens at 9.30 in the morning and closes at 6 in the evening. It attracts a lot of children in the presence of its favorite characters such as The Avengers, Batman & Superman, Simpsons, Mickey Mouse, and Chhota Bheem, etc. in simple words it’s going to be a gentle surprise for you along with your children and family.

So what are you waiting for whenever you make your move to Dandeli don’t forget to check in the Disney park to have a nostalgic experience and capturing some memorable moments with your loved ones.

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