Coracle Ride in Dandeli, Karnataka


Sometimes we got fatigued from a trip and done with the typical journey so we present to you a relaxing ride if you headed to Dandeli, coracle ride. A coracle is a bowl-shaped wooden boat made up of leaves, saplings and wood of course. A coracle is a traditional bowl-shaped boat used for many reasons like fishing or navigation in the early era. The flat surface of the boat helps to make it float. The outer part of the boat is made up of waterproof materials like canvas and wood. Nowadays coracle boat is being used to give the most dilute coracle ride on the water for the tourists to make them strain-free and let them enjoy their ride floating on still water.

A coracle can accommodate 3-5 people at a time of the coracle ride. A coracle is controlled by a guide who assures your safety by distributing the weights of riders on the circumference of the boat and also letting you know about the river and the nearby flora and fauna. During the coracle ride, you will get a soothing feeling around the natural environment. You can also enjoy a crocale ride during enjoying the magnificent sunset with your family or loved ones. Kali river is the most preferred for doing adventurous water sports and crocale ride is also the preferred activity to do on the Kali river as well as the other courageous sports.



The crocale boat is lightweight so will also get a guide who will take charge that the boat will be its stable condition so you can relish the ride. So be ready to fill up your soul with joy and peace during the coracle ride in Dandeli. Enjoy the view of rich forests around the shore of the river along with a traditional experience of boating with your family and loved ones.

So what are you waiting for? Add coracle ride to your bucket list of Dandeli tour. You shouldn’t neglect this much joyful ride with your family and loved ones. Experience a peaceful and aesthetic ride in the cast of nature, away from the rush and pollution.

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