Water Zorbing in Dandeli, Karnataka

Water zorbing in Dandeli

Walking on water is a dream for many people around but if I say it can come true as water zorbing so? water zorbing is one of the most entertaining sports in Dandeli. during water zorbing, you will be on water inside a huge transparent plastic ball called a zorb. In the zorb, you can rotate it can move it and inside the zorb, you can walk, roll or flip.

This sport is not that much bold but you can’t be fatigued during this activity as it’s the most fun activity in Dandeli. Zorbing is generally performed on a steep land where you practice the same activity but water zorbing is the recreation of zorbing by adding the accent of water in it. Adding water in zorbing also makes it safer and secure. If you want to enjoy an activity with your family without any peril so you should go with zorbing.

Kali river is the most recommended river in Dandeli for adventure sports like water zorbing, kayaking, river rafting, etc.

You will get the feeling of walking onto the water when you try zorbing. The zorb can generally be suitable for one to three people. There is no age limitation for zorbing. You can enjoy this amusing sport with your family, kids or friends. In short water, zorbing is a complete package of joy and adventure. 

Water zorbing is that much entertaining and relaxing that most of the tourists who came to Dandeli never mill water zorbing at any cost. Water zorbing is an attractive sport for children too as I said there is no age limitation for this sport because it is not harmful as performed on water.

So what are you waiting for? Add this stress remover sport to your bucket list. Be ready to feel the joy in your soul by walking on water and enjoying yourself with your family and loved ones.

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