Dudhsagar Falls- “The Sea of Milk” in Dandeli, Karnataka


The name ‘Dudhsagar’ indicates ‘sea of milk’, that is what you are going to feel on the journey of Dhudsagar waterfall. Dhudhsagar falls are present in Dandeli and are very popular among the tourists. You are going to feel the waterfall alive by seeing the white foam falling in a natural lake around the woods. This majestic waterfall falling from a mountain that is around  1017ft high will soak your mind in its elegance and calm environment. 

You can Relish the landscape of Dudhsagar Falls, which is one of the most sensational falls in the country during the Dandeli tour. You will get a full tour of Dandeli Dhudhsagar falls of around 13 hours and a guide will also acknowledge you from time to time about the majestic waterfall and the regional flora and fauna. This waterfall is also one of the largest waterfalls of India situated in Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary and Mollem National Park among the Western Ghats which is on the border between Karnataka and Goa states. the region is surrounded by the deciduous forests containing abundant biodiversity within the forest.

Feel the relaxation by adding Dhudhsagar in your Dandeli tour to get a lush of joy with your family and loved ones during the trip. Dandeli’s trip is known for its multiple adventurous sports but along with these activities you can also enjoy nature sightseeing to get non-exhausting savor on the trip with your family. In the region where Dhudhsagar is located, you can also spot some rare animals and plants there as that milky waterfall is surrounded by a great deciduous forest. Since deciduous is casting Dudhsagar falls so there you can find rich biodiversity of flora and fauna. 

Dhudhsagar falls hike will take you to the most beautiful landscape sightseeing and the peace with the gushing sound of white milky water from the waterfall to the lake. the charges for the hike are around four thousand rupees per head. It’s a group activity that accommodates around 1 to 10 people during a hike. You can also add river rafting along with the Dhudhsagar hike as it is also preferred by most of the tourists.

So what are you waiting so? If you are heading to Dandeli so Dhudhsagar falls can be a great option to enjoy with your family and loved ones. So be ready to feel the exotic environment among the woods and magnificent waterfall to fulfill your imagination of milk flowing through a waterfall. And will feel the peace of the forest and the rich biodiversity of verdure and fauna living in the region

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